Isabel Pardo Post-doctoral Researcher

I use evolution to engineer proteins and microbes. Why do the work yourself when Nature can do it for you?

About Me

A biotech enthusiast, I obtained my B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Biotechnology at Pablo de Olavide University in Seville and at the Autonomous University of Madrid, respectively. In 2016, I obtained my PhD from the Complutense University of Madrid, performing my research at the Biological Research Center (CIB-CSIC). There, I applied molecular directed evolution to engineer robust fungal laccases for the treatment of plant biomass. I then joined the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (USA) as a postdoc in the team of Gregg Beckham, where I used metabolic engineering and adaptive laboratory evolution to tailor microbes for the biological valorization of lignocellulosic and plastic wastes. I came to the SEM group in the second half of 2020, where I work on improving biological fluorination by combining protein and metabolic engineering—letting evolution show the way.