Robert Haas Post-doctoral Researcher

Hi, I am Rob! I work on the implementation and optimization of synthetic fluorometabolism in Pseudomonas putida and Escherichia coli.

About Me

I studied Molecular Biology and Biochemistry at the University of Vienna (Austria), besides which I worked as a research associate at the Clinical Institute for Medical Research (KILM) at the Medical University of Vienna. I moved onto doing a Ph.D. with Claudio Mauro at the William Harvey Research Institute, Queen Mary University in London (UK), where I investigated the role of lactate in chronic inflammation. I then joined the Ralser lab in Cambridge and the Francis Crick Institute in London as a post-doc. Using yeast as a model organism, I tried to identify essential roles of polyamines in the cell, which further led me to investigate cellular ion homeostasis from a systems perspective. I found that the elemental requirements of cells are variable and very flexible, which sparked my interest into what kinds of biochemistry are possible in a cellular environment. This interest led me to join the SEM group, where I study how to incorporate fluorine into low-molecular-weight organic molecules.