Antonin Cros Ph.D. student

Curious to find innovative and sustainable ways to bioproduce halogenated compounds by plugging pathways together in a lego-like fashion.

About Me

I did my B.Sc. in Health Biology and my M.Sc. in Fundamental Microbiology at the Paris-Saclay University in Orsay (France) from 2013 to 2018. During my studies, I was acquainted with synthetic biology and metabolic engineering onto which I focused most of my interest. In 2017, I joined the iGEM team Evry Paris-Saclay to develop an efficient bioproduction of psicose, a rare sugar. This project gave me the opportunity to further expand my knowledge on the field of metabolic engineering and bioprocesses while meeting international teams of students and share our experiences. Through our discussions, I discovered the SEM group and thought that it would be a great environment to do my M.Sc. thesis there. I got the opportunity to work in this team on artificially increasing the mutagenesis rate of Pseudomonas putida to speed up any evolution experiment. I continued working in the group as a research assistant, and now as a Ph.D. student focusing on the in vitro synthesis of organofluorines.