Our Team


Pablo Iván Nikel
Senior Researcher
Group Leader

As a biotechnologist, I have been always interested in microorganisms and bioproduction―and to mediate a change towards a sustainable lifestyle. My team at the Center for Biosustainability focuses on this objective by engineering environmental bacteria for bioproduction of novel chemicals.


Patricia Calero Valdayo

Post-doctoral Researcher

I am Patricia, and I work as a post-doc in the SEM group developing new strategies for the production of halogenated building blocks designing cell factories based on Pseudomonas putida.


Daniel Christoph Volke

Post-doctoral Researcher

Hi, I am Daniel! I am a post-doc in the SEM group working on expanding the synthetic biology toolbox for environmental bacteria and programming biofilm formation and dispersal in Pseudomonas putida for whole-cell biocatalysis.


Lorena Fernández-Cabezón
Post-doctoral Researcher

Metabolic engineer fascinated by the design and construction of the next-generation microbial cell factories for the efficient bio-manufacture of chemicals.


Nicolas Thilo Wirth

Ph.D. Student

Enthusiast of microbial metabolic engineering and synthetic biology and excited to work at the front of a dawning biotechnological era.


Ekaterina Kozaeva

Ph.D. Student

In love with metabolic engineering and biotechology since 2010 and invading the private life of a very important bacterium since 2017.


Antonin Cros - Master Student

Georgios Kladis - Master Student

Visitors and past members