Eray Ulaş Bozkurt Research Assistant

Hi, I am Eray! I work on establishing an in-vitro platform to get the best out of enzymes (especially, our beloved fluorinase)!


Enzymes are fascinating tools of biology that catalyzes diverse set of reactions. Due to their unique features, they are often used in many industries, including pharmaceuticals, food, and biofuels. However, enzymes often need modifications to work in the same efficiency in non-physiological conditions or furnish them with desired features. In this search, lots of variants need to be screened to find the most suitable enzyme. Thus, my work focuses on developing a high-throughput enzyme screening platform utilizing cell-free expression systems. I take full advantage of metabolic engineering approaches and expertise of our laboratory to engineer a cell-free expression strain that serves our purposes. I am also looking for smart ways to wire our enzyme of interests to reporters to detect the behavior of the variant in a simple and reliable way. With my work, I aim to create improved versions of key enzymes to catalyze reactions more efficiently.