Mariela Mezzina Post-doctoral Researcher

Working in getting Pseudomonas putida in shape for efficient bioproduction towards a sustainable future!


Microorganisms have been used for sustainable production of diverse industrially- and commercially-relevant chemicals (e.g. biofuels, biopolymers, and pharma drugs) from renewable resources. Even though a variety of microbial cell factories have been developed to produce natural and non-natural chemical, many challenges still need to be overcome. High-enough productivity and yields of target compounds, minimizing by-product formation, are pressing barriers to attain biosustainability. My main project (PHAME) addresses these drawbacks by developing a synthetic platform to cluster biosynthetic pathway enzymes for targeted production of value-added chemicals in the robust bacterium Pseudomonas putida. I am also part of SinFonia, an EU-funded project, where I exploit my background in the field of biopolymers to engineer P. putida for the production of fluorinated polymers. Besides, I am also involved in the design of novel routes for the biosynthesis and biotransformation of fluorinated aromatic molecules.