Stefano Donati Post-Doctoral Researcher

Hi, I am Stefano and I work as a Postdoctoral researcher. I am a passionate scientist interested in understanding and engineering biology to enable a sustainable bio-based economy.


I am currently involved in C1 metabolism research efforts both at the institute-level and in the SEM group, employing computational modeling, analytical chemistry, multi-omics data analysis and automation. The overall goal of this area of research is to improve the efficiency of natural and synthetic microorganisms that can feed on C1 carbon sources (such as carbon dioxide, formate, and methanol), with the potential of enabling carbon negative bioprocesses. In particular, I am involved in the development and application of analytical chemistry methods that could unravel bottlenecks in the metabolism of cells growing on C1 carbon sources. Moreover, I am interested in developing methods for practical and automated cultivation and directed evolution of microorganisms growing on C1 compounds. I am also working on enabling functional genomics screenings in Pseudomonas putida using CRISPR interference.